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Hörifäscht - Höri, Switzerland Party

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

We spent an afternoon in Höri a municipality in the district of Bülach in the canton of Zürich, Switzerland. This small town of about 2,500 people hosted a party for anyone that wanted to come. They put Hörifäscht on in the industrial area where there is lots of room to put up displays, food booths, beer gardens, and kids play areas.

Like most area's in Europe, little towns have festas (parties) to make money for either the town or a charitable cause. If you like these kind of festas you can easily find one in a town near by. More than anything it is about spending time with the people you love and going to this party meant we had an amazing day with Nadja, Stephan and Crystal.

What's great is when you can learn something, and today we learned a rock can be a weather station. Here is a photo of the rock weather station showing in writing when the position is of the rock is in a certain way, you can easily know what the weather is. I've translated the German into English in the spreadsheet below. Pretty smart rock!

Here is a video of different attractions at the party - we had a blast!

Here are some fun photos

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