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Trans Canada Burnaby Trail

There are many trails on Burnaby mountain and we did the loop which included Trans Canada, Cougar Creek, Barnet and Mountain Air trails. This gave us a total of 10.3 km but due to where we parked and some wrong turns ended up being 12.3 km. It was an awesome trail with lots of variety. Some places were an easy stroll in incredible scenery where others were steep grades both up and down hills which got our cardio going. It ended with climbing over 500 steps which really got our cardio going. Absolutely loved this walk and we completed it in less than three hours however we were trekking pretty hard.

More about the Burnaby Mountain trails

Pictures of our adventure on this mountain are below and includes my hubby Gian.

Amazing walking trails full of lush old growth scenery

Trees, trees and more stunning trees

If you love trees you will be in paradise

Gian and I in awe of the beauty and grandeur

Yes over 500 steps!

Stunning views of Vancouver


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