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Bear Claw Loop Trail

This loop trail is a short 2.4 km easy trail in Maple Ridge, British Columbia. It is used as a biking, hiking, and horse riding trail. My grandkids Brody, Blake and I went on a day that it was 37 degrees celsius but the trees kept us covered from the heat and it was a wonderful trail. The boys gave it a 4/5 stars and in their words "we saw some cool places, great place to see baby squirrels close up, and it was fun getting lost a couple of times but thankful we had the AllTrails App.

The estimated time to complete this trail is 44 minutes however with Brody and Blake it took 59:59 minutes. What are the odds it would land on the exact same minutes and seconds. It took so long because we didn't just hike, we slowed down and engulfed ourselves in nature. The funky trees, the flying insects and squirrels. A beautiful short trail with 55m elevation gain that gives you time to slow down. What more can you want.

Here are some photos of our adventure


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