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Bowen Lookout & St. Marks Summit

Bowen Lookout and St. Marks Summit is located in Cypress Mountain in West Vancouver British Columbia. It is a 12.2 km hike which is considered moderate. This trail is not open from November to June due to possible avalanches. It has a 600 m incline therefore has some long switchbacks. The hike to Bowen is very well maintained and the scenery once at the lookout is spectacular. Then on to St. Marks Summit which is where it gets tricky. There are a lot of roots and touch terrain. I wouldn't want to do this hike in the rain. Once at the top it is a great place to find a rock and have a picnic lunch and enjoy the beauty of Howe Sound. This is a very well used trail so I would recommend going at 8 am to avoid a lot of hikers. You do need a pass from BC Parks to hike this trail and can find information here

More about this trail and others on Cypress Mountain here is more information

Photos of our adventure


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