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Casa Diverio - Our Home in Stresa

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

We have been so lucky to find an amazing rental apartment in the heart of Stresa with-in walking distance to restaurants, grocery stores, train station and the lakefront promenade. Susy our contact is amazing. She is always accommodating and answers messages we send quickly. It is no wonder when you search "Casa Diverio" on the internet they have very high 5 star and 9.9 ratings on an booking sites.

Coming from my home in Maple Ridge, where it isn't too big at 2,200 square feet, I now think our house is really big compared to this apartment. Here we really have all we need, a bed (which is on the upper floor), skylights which bring natural light in all day long, kitchen and living area in one small space, lots of storage and a beautiful bathroom.

At first I found it hard to cook in my tiny kitchen, but purchased a few items and now I'm a pro at cooking the Italian way. Lots of delicious recipes will be created and posted from this kitchen.

Here is a video of the outside:

Here are some photo's of the outside and how to get to our apartment:

Apartment on the inside:

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