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Hope Lookout Trail

The Hope Lookout Trail is a steep hiking route that begins next to Highway #1 and climbs to a rocky area that overlooks the town, offering an incredible view of the Fraser River and surround area. It is considered to be a moderate trail but referred to as Hope's Grouse Grind. For me this was a difficult trail which I would consider to be hard. The trail is mostly in the trees and sheltered from the hot summer sun. There were times I was scaling the rocks to get to the next level. This is definitely a trail you want to make sure you are ready for. No partying and drinking the night before. I had to leave Gian 15 minutes into the walk as his legs couldn't go any further. Lucky there is cell coverage therefore I could stay connected with him while I trekked further. I honestly thought the incline woudl never end. But when I finally got to the top the payoff was worth it. The view was spectacular! Gian did make it half way up to the first lookout so he got a bit of the payoff too.

Here are some photos of the incredible scenery both in and out of the forest

These pictures don't do the steepness justice

Yes I had to climb rocks and scale the mountain!

But the grind was totally worth it

What a spectacular view of Hope and beyond


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