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Lindeman & Greendrop Lakes

Lindeman and Greendrop lakes are located in Chilliwack Lake National Park in British Columbia and is considered moderate. The hike to Lindemen is 3.4 km and it is a steep incline to the top. There are places where the boulders and roots make it tricky to maneuver. This part of the trail is very high trafficked and makes it hard to social distance in narrow paths. Once you get to the top the lake is gorgeous turquoise and surrounded by lush forest. The do have camping spots for $5 per person with tent pads available.

Greendrop lake is 6 km further up the path and I mean up....There is some steep terrain but it is the boulders that make this hike harder that the moderate. You have to always be aware of where your feet are as you can easily miss a step and fall into the boulders. The scenery is absolutely stunning along the way. There are massive trees, incredible moss areas, rushing creeks and boulders everywhere. Some times you are actually scaling the boulders to get to the next one. As well there are three massive fallen trees that you have to either go under or over. We made it to the beginning of Greendrop lake as we were tired. We had lunch and headed back. The hike itself was incredible but definitely preferred Lindeman lake over Greendrop. But so worth the hike to see nature at its glory. More on Lindeman and Greendrop lake

Amazing Scenery of Forest and Lakes


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