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Nourish our skin & wear sunscreen

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Physical nourishment isn't only about what we do to keep our insides healthy it also means taking care of our skin. Our skin is very important as it cover and protects everything inside our bodies. Without skin, muscles, bones, and organs would be hanging out all over the place. Therefore let’s give our skin some attention with these six ways to improve it:

  • Eat healthy – there are millions of products out there to keep our skin looking great but moisturizers only go skin deep. However aging develops at a cellular level. Here is a link for 12 Best Foods For Healthy Skin

  • Keep stress in check – studies of college students that were experiencing high levels of stress were more likely to experience skin issues. Researchers suspect stress increases the quantity of sebum, which is the oily substance that blocks pores and causes the skin issues. Reducing stress may lead to clearer skin.

  • Moisturize your skin – moisturizers keep the top layer of skin hydrated and seals in moisture. Ways to keep skin moisturized:

  • Quit smoking – skin (especially facial) ages due to smoking as smoking narrows the blood vessels found in the outer layer of skin, which reduces flow and exhausts skin of nutrients and oxygen it needs to remain healthy. As well the repetitive expression that is made when smoking – such as pursing the lips – can contribute to wrinkles on the face

  • Get your beauty sleep – getting the right amount of sleep with banish the dark circles around your eyes and improve skin tone, and best of all, it is free. During sleep our bodies enter into repair mode and regenerates skin, muscle, blood and brain cells. Without enough sleep, our bodies are not able to produce new collagen which is great at preventing our skin from sagging. Get at least 7 hours sleep, to look and feel your best.

  • Wear sunscreen – it is the easiest way to protect your skin’s appearance and health at any age. Used regularly, sunscreen helps prevent sunburn by blocking UV rays, skin cancer and premature aging. This reminds me of the speech given in 1999 which was transformed to the Wear Sunscreen song. Gives us some great reminders about life.


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