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Sandy Cove Trail

Located in beautiful Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia, Sandy Cove Trail is a 3.5 km trail with some beautiful views. However my APP stated this is an easy trail and my hubby and I went on it with a co-worker of mine Peter and his son Jonas who is only 2 years old. It was not an easy trail and they stopped at the beach while I continued into the mountain. There were lots of rocks and roots to have to navigate and sometimes the cliffs were steep. Being this was the first hike that I had to crawl up and down the terrain, two days later I'm still feeling the muscle aches in a good way. I enjoyed it but wasn't prepared for the extra effort that it required to complete. I wouldn't recommend this hike if it is rainy as it could become tricky to navigate your balance if slippery. I did enjoy the hike once I left the others behind and completed it on my own. When I researched websites to add here I found this one that states it is a moderate trail. Enjoy Harrison Hot Springs as it is truly a gem!

Beauty of Harrison Hot Springs and Sandy Cove Trail

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Peter Hanzely
Peter Hanzely
Apr 19, 2021

Thank you for the hike Maria. We had a great time with Jonas.

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