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Sunshine Valley

We are blessed to have a cabin in Sunshine Valley BC. Just 20 minutes beyond Hope this valley was used as a Japanese Canadian internment camp during World War II. This past year Tashme Museum opened to showcase what the location looked like during that time.

The valley offers many activities in all seasons. Hiking, fishing, dirt biking, ATV exploration, snowmobiling, and snowshoeing to name a few. This weekend we explored the valley with our three grandsons and got to see some amazing scenery. More about Sunshine Valley,_British_Columbia

Exploring the Valley

Beautiful lake on the other side of the highway in Huckleberry which is easily accessed by a tunnel under the highway

Sumallo River which flows within Sunshine Valley has catch and release fishing from November to June. Great place in the summer for kids to throw rocks. Famous shoe tree is always a great talking point. What kind of shoes do you see on the tree.......


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