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Thacker Mountain Loop

Today Gian and I ventured out into the back country of Hope, BC with our three oldest grandsons Brody (8), Blake (6) and Weston (4). Thacker Mountain Loop starts with an immediate incline on a gravel road. Take a breather on a little landing where others have started rock balancing, then continue on the incline. This trail isn't marked at all so we missed the jet into the bush. Our app let us know we were off track but were able to connect and then continue on. The trail was pretty tight and in some places we had to be careful of our footing. We stopped twice for the boys to have a water and snack break. We had two beautiful view points. What was supposed to be 4.3 km trail took us 5.1 km to complete because we did go off the trail. But none of the boys complained. They loved the scenery and adventure. Lot's of bugs when we were there but all in all a great trail if you have little ones.

Hiking through all types of live and dead trees that become walking sticks

Stunning view point of Kawkawa Lake

Happy faces all around for making it through our adventure in Hope


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