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The Power of Nature = HOPE

This is turning out to be another summer to remember. All around us mother nature is pissed at us. Fires, floods, earth quakes, smoky skies, heat waves, tornados, hail storms, hurricanes, and a COVID pandemic that is still not over. It makes me wonder if the world will ever be the same. My heart goes out to everyone impacted by all the devastation and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't say a prayer of hope.

Something I've learned to cope with as everything is going on around me, is to engulf myself in nature itself. I want to help in anyway I can to bring beauty and love to everyone that wants to enjoy it. This year more than ever I have embraced this philosophy of Plant hope, grow love. This is what the world truly needs.

Everywhere around me I have done things to bring nature closer to those near me. When we sit in the back yard there is a calm even though we have what seems like a freeway in the front yard. The Zen I feel when I sit to read or have a coffee is just breathtaking. I love sitting with anyone that visits so they can enjoy the beauty of what nature can do.

The front yard has been growing year after year and it is also inviting. It was so cool when I found this note at my doorstep. It means that nature is doing it's job. Bringing joy to others.

I had to replace a tree that didn't fit in properly to the landscape of our wall garden and decided to purchase a Pinky Winky Hydrangea Tree. Yes this is the name of this wonderful plant. It was to fit in the middle of all my Hydrangea and Hosta bed. When I bought the tree, it already had some buds on it so I was excited to see how it would look. Back to the name Pinky Winky, very strange name right? Well this one has a cool story. The breeder is from Belgium and he dedicated this breed to his son, who at the time loved the Teletubbies cartoon, especially the Tinky Winky character. Therefore Pinky Winky became the quirky name of this hydrangea that changes colours from white to pink throughout summer.

This tree has given me so much joy these past four months that I had to share it with everyone. There is greatness in nature. There is power in it's magic. There is love if you put all your hope into it. You just have to take the time to slow down and live life well to really take it all in. Here are a lot of photos of this beautiful Pinky Winky Tree. Which has given me lots of hope and love these past few months. Find your power in the magic of nature, it will truly amaze you.


Thank you Maria for sharing this beautiful story of your Mom and Dad. Our hope for you, Enzo and your families is to continue to remember the joyful experiences and to better understand the difficult experiences. With our love and prayers, Joan and Norm Grdina

Maria Scuor
Maria Scuor
Sep 29, 2021
Replying to

Thank you Joan.

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