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Ending the Year in my Happy Place & Reflecting

Today is my parents 58th anniversary and dad is peacefully resting and mom even though she is here is not. Life does give us moments to reflect on how precious life truly is. Yesterday mom was very out of sorts and I wonder if deep inside her brain was trying to show her happier times she can’t fully see. i thought Alzheimer’s was as tough but dementia is so much tougher. It’s eating up a part of my heart everyday. But then I come to the cabin where everything is calm and the scenery breathtaking and I’m in my happy place. There isn’t much I can do for mom but be there when she needs me. The rest I leave in God’s hands and hope that we all have the patience and compassion to endure. Be well everyone and send 2020 away with a big cheer. #sdsbewell #mariaswellnessjourney #scuor2020 #familiyiseverything

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