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Feeling the Love

On Monday Gianni was my personal chauffeur and drive me all over the lover mainland to deliver bake yourself pizzas to my team for our Virtual Pizza Party Happy Hour this afternoon. Because we have all been working from home since March I have truly missed seeing the team and I thought personally delivering pizza would give me the visual I required. And it did! It was so nice to see everyone and chat even though I couldn‘t give them a hug. At the end of driving for over 6.5 hours Gianni and I got to have coffee and dessert with Fatemeh and Hassam. It was absolutely wonderful to chat and I don’t know how two hours went by so quick. At the end of our pizza express delivery service I had received so many emails and texts on how much they appreciated the visit. My team was gushing with sweet comments and love of a small gesture. It was a long ten hour day in total but so very worth it to see them all. Can’t wait to cheer at our happy hour!

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