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Letting The Sun Shine In - Phase 1

We've been in our home for ten years and when we moved in we gutted it to make it our own. One thing we didn't take into account when we added wall-to-wall cabinets was we would lose natural light. I had thought the great room was dark but not until COVID did I realize how dark it was. Having to rely on more and more video meetings I was lacking the natural light and had to turn on light in the middle of the day. Therefore I had to let the sun shine in!

Phase 1 was to put in a 6 foot by 4 foot sky window over our kitchen table. My hope was to have a flat window where I could easily star gaze. But when the contractor from Four Seasons Sunrooms came to look at the site and our roof framing, he thought that what I wanted was not going to work as there is a main support beam in the area we would need to cut the hole. At this point I wanted sunshine therefore I said, do whatever you can to make it look nice.

For those thinking of getting a skylight or sky window put in, I recommend Four Season Sunrooms. A few reasons why I recommend them:

  • The day they said they would start they did

  • The time they said they would start they were there even 15 minutes early

  • Every step of the way they told us what they were going to do

  • A barrier was installed that prevented the rest of the house getting dirty and no dust was in our living space

  • If the person coming to do the job was going to be late, I was informed on why they would be late

  • Materials that were used are of top quality

  • Every day they cleaned up and left the location clean

  • Everyone that worked at our site was professional and polite

  • When the framer started to cut out the whole for the sky window, he told me if I was OK with the location not being centered he could give me the sky window I wanted. It would be off about an inch.

Totally happy with how it turned out! It took six weeks as we had to wait for the glass but the hole was fully enclosed so we didn't get any water coming in even after a massive rain storm.

If you are looking to have something similar done call Bruce Shaver at 604-816-4140. He is very accommodating and can even meet you at the showroom to show you their different products.

I said this is Let the Sun Shine In Phase 1 - well we loved the workmanship so much that we have hired them to build us a sunroom. Can't wait to show you that progress.

Here is a video and photo's of the whole process for our sky window. It really was painless.


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