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Letting the Sun Shine In - Phase 2

Being able to see and feel the seasons is such a blessing living in BC. We get to witness nature in all its beauty. With the COVID-19 pandemic, I realized how much I want and need these elements of nature in my life. Therefore with 16 months of not being able to travel it was time to put the money that would have been used for travel to bringing serenity in our lives. Of course Gianni goes nuts when I have these crazy ideas but once it is all done he is very pleased with the outcome.

What I loved at moms house was her solarium that allowed us to have one large table so everyone could have dinner together. In our home we don't have that opportunity, therefore it was time to extend our space on to our deck with a solarium. But not the typical solariums where you have pony walls and windows or large sliding doors with massive frames as it wouldn't conform to our outdoor space. Therefore I did some research and I didn't have to search very far as the same company Four Seasons Sunrooms Vancouver that did my sky window had the solutions I was looking for.

We started with the patio cover that is constructed of aluminum and tempered safety glazed roof with gutters and downpipe. Once that was completed the Claroflex Frameless Multi Slide Operable Wall System could be measured up and ordered. The frames is black aluminum and the windows are tempered safety glazed as well. The panels slide within a track and allows us to operate the panels effortlessly.

Here is a video of what the solarium looks like:

In the summer we will leave the panels open and once the weather turns we will close them using PVC strips that completely seals the room. We will also add an outdoor wall-to-wall carpet to stop air coming in from the bottom so the room can be comfortable when cold. Add some lights and a couple of heaters and the space will be ready for all the seasons.

Adding a network cable allows me to work in this space and truly enjoy whatever nature has to offer. The beauty of the sun, the serenity of the plants around the deck, the pitter patter of the rain or the snow slowly falling. I'm so very happy with how this turned out and look forward to the peace of our space. Here are the photos of the whole process.


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