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Love the Light

It’s so gloomy outside with the rain and clouds therefore it is gloomy in the house. Lights bring a little sunshine into the house when the sun can’t peak out. For those that know me know I used to take a week to decorate the house when the kids were small. Every room in the house had a tree lite up and decorations were placed wherever there was a spot. As I get older I still love the decorations except now they hold a special place in my kids homes and my home is easier to manage. One thing I still love is the lights on all day long. They replace what the sun can’t allow in at this time of year. Enjoy the countdown to the holidays everyone. Whichever holiday you celebrate. For me it is Christmas and this year more then ever we need a little good cheer. Be well. #scuor2020 #sdsbewell #mariaswellnessjourney #christmasiscoming

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