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When life jets you know you are on the right track

Last night I created Saffron Chicken with Peas recipe for the first time. We had an early dinner because Gianni and I were meeting up with my brother Vince and sista Lianne to have a through the window visit with mom. It’s getting tougher to get through these visits as we are losing mom more each day. Alzheimer’s and dementia really suck and I feel for the people going through it but also for the care givers having to deal with the pain of watching the people they love the most slowly disappear. While I was at the window my daughter-in-law Sarah sent me a photo of some crocuses on my outside door mat with the caption these are from Weston. I got home and picked them up, they were wilted but I put them in a glass of water and they came to life and smiled at me. What made me cry is that when I needed it the most the universe gave me a sign. I made Saffron Chicken and Saffron comes from the crocus flower, I’m creating recipes to share the most passionate gift I have, cooking, and I’m making a cookbook which hopefully will raise money for this horrible disease. Today I share an incredible recipe that I’m really proud of. Please try it out and let me know what you think

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