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15 Days Until Christmas...

15 Days Until Christmas - Time for Good Cheer....

On Monday doctor Bonny Henry delivered the worst news ever for those of us in BC. No family for Christmas and pretty much locked down until January 8th. Even for someone as positive as me I’m not going to lie this was a very hard one to push through. To find the silver lining, to get that smile back or just to survive without my kids, grandkids, brother, sister, and nephews. It was already hard not having mom with us due to her dementia putting her into a home during COVID. First I was pissed, then I was sad, and after an hour of wallowing I came up with a plan. I’m going to keep everything moving forward and I started by delivering pizza and goodies to my team yesterday. With full car ready and Gianni my chauffeur we start at 8am and was home by 3:30pm after having driven all over the lower mainland and put in 240km. With masks on we handed out our treats and I took pictures with each of my team with a hug to myself but meant for each of them. Now with 15 days left until Christmas, I would be prepping my holiday meal plan. A list for the menu, one for the shopping and one with the timelines of everything needed to be done. Gifts thankfully have been wrapped other than a few that are stuck somewhere in mail land. But with no one coming over, I have to adapt to a different type of sharing a meal together. This weekend my focus will be coming up with a meal plan that allows my three girls and my sister (brother’s wife who really is a sister and not an in-law) to get on a zoom call and make Christmas Eve dinner together and then sit down at our own tables while we cheers virtually. So now my “To Do” list looks like this for the next 15 days:

  • Host virtual pizza party happy hour today with my team

  • Finalize the Christmas Eve dinner menu

  • Create digital and paper copies of the recipes

  • Share Christmas Menu on my wellness journey for others to use

  • Make 60 Christmas cards with Brody and Blake for all the residents in moms care home (we will wear masks while doing this)

  • Deliver goodies to friends

  • Host virtual leadership team happy hour

  • Purchase gifts for TELUS family my team is supporting

  • Wrap gifts and deliver them to the TELUS family

  • Purchase all the ingredients for Christmas Eve Dinner

  • Deliver care packages and presents to my family

  • Make dinner with my girls on Christmas Eve

  • Have our virtual family Christmas

Mindful moments are about truly thinking about what is important. Things don’t always go as planned but stepping back and realizing that moments are made when you dig down inside of you and come up with something outside your comfort. It’s amazing the cherished memories you will make. Today my mindful moment was walking around my house and seeing the beauty of Christmas decorations that put a smile on my face. And chatting with dad who absolutely loved Christmas, which I will continue to love it too. Just a little different this year. Be well everyone and make your mindful moments become cherished memories.

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