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Calm within the storm

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

In BC we got hit with a rare weather event called bomb cyclone. Lucky it wasn’t as violent as they had predicted. With the TELUS Challenge starting yesterday, my goal is to hit 20,000 steps per day and that means it doesn’t matter what the weather conditions are I’m at least getting outside for an hour.

What’s important is having the right gear for any weather and yesterday I had it all. Tuque, gloves, heavy duty rain coat, rain pants, and rain boots. I was ready to tackle whatever Mother Nature threw at me. Boy was she rough….Rain and wind was coming at me from every direction. The wind howled while the rain hit hard. But even with it all there was a calm in my walk. Each step I took, I looked at everything around me with a different focus.

The Halloween decorations that once stood tall, were now tumbled and scattered around the properties. The leaves were flying everywhere and I watched one particular leaf spin forward for over five minutes before hitting the ground. It truly was amazing to watch nature in all its glory.

The colours of fall always give me joy. The wonders of each shade tells a story in itself. The green leaves stay sturdy on the plant, but as they turn to orange, yellow, red or brown they drop and become a carpet of foliage on any lawn. Those colours are truly a wonder to behold but not so much to clean up.

Yesterday my walk started cold and wet, which made my powerwalk even faster. But half-way into the walk my internal heat took over and even though it was still pouring and windy, the tuque came off and I had to open the coat. I continued to walk in awe of everything around me. The storm was wild but I was calm. Walking is truly my happy place, and being in BC where I get to enjoy all the season is a true blessing. Gratefulness comes in many places and yesterday it came while walking in a storm. My body, mind and soul was at peace while the storm ravaged around me. That in itself is a wonder.

Looks like today will be another stormy walk, but that is OK, I’m ready for it.

Find the magic of nature around you and embrace it. Even if it is walking in a storm. We live in a crazy world but stopping to enjoy these moments are what life is about.

Live life well everyone!

Then there is the calm after the storm. The next day the walk was incredible ❤️

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