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Inspiring Our Men - They are worth it!

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Today's mindful moment is to inspire the men I reach with my blog and power of social media to get educated on men's health. This also goes out to anyone that loves the men in your life. Give this a read.

This year’s theme at the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation is “Move for Your Mental Health”. The goal of this year’s campaign is for men and their families to get a bit more active and informed in June. Learn something new, set a goal, and inspire others to move.

Do we really need a month dedicated to men’s health? Sadly we do because the stereotype “Men are too casual about, and disinterested in, their own health” is true. A survey conducted by the Cleveland Clinic shows 60% of men don’t go to the doctor. ONLY when they fear they have a serious medical condition will they go. Other facts:

  • 1 in 9 men will develop prostate cancer, which is the most common cancer among Canadian men. On the bright side, we have come a long way in treating this form of cancer and if diagnosed in the early stages can be contained.

  • Mental health is one of the most stigmatized issue affecting men. Phycologists have documented, in the eyes of men, discussing emotions is just another form of vulnerability that can lead to discomfort. It can be scary for many men to share their feelings but the payoff is worth it. Talk the men in your life. Encourage them to talk about their day, to tell you about their emotions and be open with you. They may resist at first, but persistence is powerful.

  • Men should be making better lifestyle choices. The statistics back this up: men drink and smoke more than women. Habitual drinking and smoking can have severe health implications such has liver problems and heart and lung disease. As well men tend to make less healthy choices in the kitchen as they prefer to eat dairy and meat where women eat more fruit and vegetables.

Statistic Canada shows the life expectancy for men is 79.9 years and women is 84.1 years. The disparity in lifespan should speak for itself – men aren’t as healthy as they could be and we need to fix that.

Canadian Men’s Health Foundation inspires men to live a healthier life. Sometimes guys don’t give their health the attention it needs therefore the foundation built a quick and easy tool called YOUCHECK which is an awareness tool built specifically for men. It is not meant to replace your doctor but could be the first step in making little changes that lead to big benefits for you and your family. It is 100% confidential and you can even take the test anonymously. At the end of the questionnaire you get immediate feedback on what needs attention. Take the first step!

Why is it important for you to get active? The pandemic has caused stress and anxiety levels to increase. The uncertainty, safety concerns and lockdowns have played with all aspects of our well-being. Therefore it is important to learn how to cope with these triggers. Getting active is a very healthy outlet.

Men, make your pledge now to get moving by joining Canadian Men's Health Month Pledge. For those of you that just completed our TELUS Challenge, use the habits you created and continue it while you learn about Men’s Health. It is simple:

Plan your pledge and execute on it. You can have family and friends join you on your journey. Some pledge examples are, I WILL:

  • Walk for 15 minutes per day

  • Run 100 km in June

  • Do exercise routine four times per week

Canadian men are dying at an alarming rate from chronic illness and yet 70% of men’s health problems are preventable by living healthier. There is a wealth of information for men and their families on the foundations website. They even have an A-Z list of men’s topics and medical conditions which are easy to read.

I had a colleague at work share an awesome website which has topics from Acne to Vitamins. But for those of you that don’t like to read this website has short videos on these topics and here is a great link for Men’s Health.

Get educated for yourself or the men in your life. It is so worth it!

Be well everyone and I’m here if you need any help starting your wellness journey.


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