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It's A Dog's Life

It's a dogs life

Rux is my daughter Crystal’s six year old Puggle dog. I’m a total cat person therefore during COVID when Crystal came home from Toronto in April with Chris and Rux in tow it totally rocked my world. Having been in a 400 square foot apartment for a year Rux was excited to be back in a home where he had space to roam. Every morning he would hear me and come running for food and jumping all over me. I quickly realized a dog was a lot of work and messy. Having been just Gian and I for many years it was hard to adapt to the commotion of four adults and a dog. After a few months Rux started to calm down and conform to my style. The fur didn’t stop shedding but he was a better listener. In July they all returned to Toronto and life was back to normal. This past week Crystal and Chris had to move quickly back to Vancouver and Crystal and Rux have come back home for ten days until their condo is available. What has shocked me is how calm Rux has been and how he remembered our routine. He gets up and runs to the alarm panel so I can turn it off, he runs to the door as he knows he has to go pee then comes running in and patiently waits for his food. Today we took him for a hike at Golden Ears and it was heartwarming to see him frolic in the forest. He is such a curious dog and I wonder what he was thinking when looking over the edge at the waterfall or when the deer was staring him down near our car. Even though I’m not a dog person this dog has tugged at my heart. He was the one thing that got Crystal through some of her toughest moments. I can honestly say if she didn’t have him I don’t know if she would have survived. Therefore even though he is messy and sometimes stinky, I’ve conformed to him and we have a special bond. Therefore keep an open mind because you never know what will rock your world in a good way! Be well everyone.

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