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Two birds with one hike....

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Today I went out for a short hike in Malcolm Knapp Research Forest in Maple Ridge. I went alone as I wanted solitude. Just some time to think in peace and quiet. This site is where Loon Lake is situated. If COVID wasn’t here my leadership team at TELUS would have had our strategy session here. Four years in a row we had met from all parts of the country to this peaceful place to strategize on the year to come. This year however we did it virtually. Therefore I thought what better place to hike to reminisce about past, present and future. The hiking APP states it would take 1.5 hours to complete this easy hike. It was an easy trail and very well marked. There are four trails within this site and following the colours clearly marked allows us to follow the right trail. It was a very sunny day but a little chilly. I found the trail very muddy therefore this wouldn’t be a trail that should be hiked when raining as there are roots and slippery sections. The trees were beautiful and with the sun peeking through it was a wonderful hike. So why two birds with one hike? Well normally I document my hikes in the hiking sections. This time not only did I complete a hike but had a very eye opening mindful moment. And that is why it is highlighted in both sections. When I got to the site and parked I had my knapsack on the passenger seat. Usually I have Gianni or someone else coming on the hike with me and they carry it. But today my shoulders were sore so knowing that I would probably be done the hike in an hour I opted to leave the bag. I started the hike and about ten minutes in I thought “crap what did I do”? All I kept thinking was what if someone saw the bag on the front seat and would break into the car thinking there was a wallet in it. The bag only had hiking essentials as my wallet was with my phone. So the solitude and serenity I had come to find got hijacked with thoughts about the car. As I walked I took pictures of the beautiful scenery and tried to enjoy the moment of the hike. But all I kept thinking was would I have a story of being stupid because someone broke in or would it be that I was lucky. Because of the fear of finding a broken window I powered through the hike and completed it in 50 minutes. When I got to the car I was lucky to find the car and the bag was intact. However as I sat in the car I had an AHA a moment. I don’t know how many times I told my grandsons the importance of having the right tools when going on a hike. I bought them and myself everything we need to survive and ensure we have what we need if we got hurt. Instead in a lapse of reason I left my safety net in the front seat. Not only would I not have the first aid kit if something happened but I poisoned my thoughts wondering if someone broke into the car that the hike wasn’t the peace and solitude I was looking for. But every stupid decision allows us to learn from it and today I learned never to leave the car without my knapsack when going on a hike. Last thing I want to explain to my grandsons that I didn’t follow what I preach to them. It was a great reminder that we must always lead by example in everything we do. Be well everyone!


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