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Mindful Moment That Keeps on Giving

Mindful moment that keeps giving….. I walk twice a day on a route that is comfortable to me knowing it is safe and exactly 40 minutes to complete. This gives me the steps I need throughout the day so that I’m maintaining my physical well-being. Every day I walk past the same house which has three bushes that are carved into creatures. Every day I stop and ponder what are they? This has happened for three months. I know one is a bear but the other two I have no idea. Day after day I hope to run into the owner of the house so that I can finally find out what they are supposed to be. But until now I haven’t been lucky to see them. I’ve meet several people walking on the street and I’ve asked them what they thought and some have come up with dog, slug, snail, and one little boy said it’s an alien with antennae! I think one is a snail and the other I’ve thought a few different animals, dog, cat, bunny or sometimes a beetle. I really hope one day I will come across the owner so I can figure out once and for all what they are supposed to be but for now I love what this has done. It allows me to stop every day and ponder. Mindful moments come in different ways. This one has come out of curiosity. Being curious allows us to use our mind with creativity. Therefore if something is odd, stop and wonder why it is odd. What does it make you feel? Do you like it or not? All these questions allow you to enjoy a moment you may not have had if you didn’t stop to ask. Enjoy the moments everyone, no matter how they come at you. I will continue to enjoy this moment until I finally figure out what they are. Be well!

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