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Pandemic Slow Down

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Pandemic Slow Down

When a pandemic slows life down and it is a good thing…. Every year I’m scrambling to get everything done for Christmas. Work is always hectic at the same time that I have to get the shopping, baking, calendars, decorating and attending many parties. This year the pandemic has slowed me down. I still haven’t decided what to buy everyone for Christmas, I will wait until the end of November to do that but I have started to bake. But this year baking has taken on a new meaning. Usually I’m a robot. I bake because I have too and that means getting them done as quickly as I can fit it in the schedule. Since the pandemic we have confined ourselves to our homes. Which for me is a good thing! My evenings are free and I’ve been enjoying baking. The one cookie I’ve always dreaded to make is my secret family biscotti recipe. It wasn’t the baking that I didn’t like, it was the amount of chocolate I had to melt and decorate the biscotti with. I was a robot with covering them all with either dark, milk or white chocolate and then put a splash of whatever decoration available. Because this is a secret family recipe which was handed down generations, every year the amount I have to make gets bigger and bigger. I absolutely love the feeling of when I give them away but I’ve always felt guilty that I didn’t put as much love as I should. That was the whole intent of these being a secret family recipe. To share not the recipe but the love that was put into every biscotti. I know that when my nonna made them they were just plain biscotti. Even my cousin who showed me how to make them left them plain. I’ve made it my tradition to coat them with chocolate and hence a lot more work. This year I took a different approach. I prepped ten different ways to decorate the biscotti. I sat down at the table and tackled each type one at a time. As I did this I was in awe on how nice they looked. I thought about all the people I would be giving these too and how I would wrap or box them. I had an incredible mindful moment that I’ve put love in every biscotti I made. And this is another reason why a pandemic this year is a good thing. Can’t wait to put smiles on everyone’s face that is going to enjoy these biscotti. Enjoy every mindful moment everyone because you never know when you feel something new.


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