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Peaceful Pergola

When Gianni asked what I wanted for my anniversary I knew exactly what I wanted. But of course it would mean he would have to put some sweat equity into the project. With the help of Weston and Jameson to dig out the area for the cement pad and Steven and Ian helping make the concrete pad it was ready for the wood.

Of course there was some wouldn't be normal if Gianni and I didn't have a difference of opinion on how it is supposed be done. I wanted simple, he wanted massive. This is only going to grow a wisteria plant I told him and therefore we don't need it heavy duty. But of course Gianni wanted it to stand out in the garden and stand the test of weather and time. So I let it be and he bought the material and today he completed an amazing place where I can peacefully watch my grandsons play in their play park.

You would think after being with him 40 years, I would have learned not to argue the small stuff, especially when he was doing it for me. It truly is beautiful and I'm grateful for the man that always wants to put his best work forward. Gianni, I give you this one.....You were right, it looks amazing. Thank you!

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