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Scenic Drive from Arona to Stresa

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Ever wanted to see what it is like driving through little towns of Lago Maggiore? Yes there is amazing scenery to see but taking in the road conditions, the twists and turns, other driver's habits, and other obstacles that come at you is pretty intense. This drive isn't for everyone, but being a passenger is pretty amazing.

I'm so lucky Gianni drives when we are here as there is no way I could ever drive these roads. Some are tiny that I'm sure I'd hit the all parts of the car. Like this road (I don't know how they call it a road) we take to exit the city and get onto the Strada Statale (Italy's version of highway).

We went shopping about 1/2 hour away and I thought it would be cool to film our drive from when we start seeing Lago Maggiore so you can see what it is like to drive this road. I do commentate on the different aspect of the drive as well as show you some pretty incredible views. Driving Italian style on Strade Statale: sometimes a good sized two lane road but other times it may be really narrow roads, they are not tolled, usually lead to cities or town centres; they are numbered and named with the prefix SS and have a speed limit of 110 Km/h for full dual lanes, and 90 Km/h on open road. But as you will see some are 90 Km/h on twisty roads. Definitely not for the faint of heart.


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