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The Power of "PINK"

I've always loved to look at pink. I don't wear a lot of it unless I really like the style that it is but to have it around me just makes me happy. So of course I had to put a lot of pink into the garden and boy has it been given me joy of just going out there and watching the plants grow into buds and the buds open up into beautiful flowers.

I wanted to understand why I'm so infatuated with pink in nature so of course it meant going to the internet and doing some research so I could gather some knowledge and possibly have an "AH HA" moment. This is what I learned"

Where do we find pink in life, is it the flush of healthy cheeks, a hair barrette in a little girls hair, or the bloom of a hydrangea? All those invoke some kind of feeling when we see or think of them. Feeling of happiness or joy. Pink lies between the colours of red and white. It takes the energy and passion of red and tempers it with the purity of white leaving us with the colour of sensitivity and love.

Pink is thought to have a calming effect and one specific paint shade "Drunk Tank Pink" is sometimes used to calm inmates in prison. Sports teams like Norwich City a soccer team in England and Iowa Hawkeyes football team painted the opposing teams locker rooms in pink to keep the challengers more passive, less energetic and have lower testosterone levels during the games. Pink is such a mood regulator that too much pink can be physically draining. The lighter pale shades can be soothing, while the more vibrate closer to red shades heighten emotions.

On Valentine's day we see a lot of pink to augment the red of the items being marketed. Pink is also the symbolic colour of the breast cancer movement. We can easily tell when someone is wearing a pink ribbon that they are honouring someone with or who had breast cancer.

With its sunny spirit and friendly disposition, pink captivates audiences with ease. Pink is keen to spread love and joy. Both sensitive and light hearted, the colour pink boasts a wealth of attributes.

  • Pink symbolizes: compassion, love, femininity playfulness

  • Effects of pink: sympathizes, calms, nurtures, comforts

  • Positive traits: kindness, warmth, romance, intuition

  • Negative traits: emotional, timid, immature, unconfident

Having researched the colour "PINK" I now know why I'm so drawn to it. Nature provides all different hues of pink in everywhere we look. I absolutely love the energy I get from walking around the garden and seeing all the shades of pink. Find the "pink" in your life that calms and comforts you and enjoy every moment basking in it.

Here are some photos of the pinks in my garden. My place of serenity.


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