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The Pursuit of Everything Wellness

WELCOME to my “Everything Wellness” blog where I connect with you by bringing forward anything and everything to do with health and wellness. Sometimes this can be my personal experiences and other times I will research and bring you my findings. My goal is you read about something that will positively impact your overall well-being.

Today I will debrief what I believe are the foundational core elements that make us human and what we require to be in sync with our bodies to ensure we live life well ALWAYS.

Occupational wellness recognizes:

  • We get personal satisfaction and enrichment in our work life

  • The attitude we bring to our work day drives our development and is core to our occupational wellness

  • Using our skills, talents and unique gifts allows work to become meaningful to us

  • If we involve ourselves in activities that align to our values it will give us gratification

Physical wellness recognizes:

  • Focusing on building physical strength, and endurance

  • Knowing how to listen to your body for warning signs and taking action to maintain a healthy body

  • Sleeping enough to let your body rest

Nutritional wellness recognizes:

  • Learning about how diet and nutrition help our physical well being

  • Why supplements are important to our bodies

  • Water and its benefits on nutritional well being

Social wellness recognizes:

  • Our ability to interact successfully in our community by making choices that enhance its beauty

  • Learning and utilizing good communication skills

  • Developing personal relationships that are meaningful and establishing a solid support network

Intellectual wellness recognizes:

  • It is better to push and challenge our minds with things that allow us to grow instead of doing nothing and feeling unsatisfied

  • Travelling a wellness path, intellectually, we can explore issues by identifying potential problems and based on available information choose the right course of action now instead of waiting until it becomes chronic

  • Spend more time appreciating and thinking about the scenery along the path we are taking – reading books, magazines, googling, video learning, etc.

Spiritual wellness recognizes:

  • Be curious about the world around you and the life experiences you go through by being mindful of the moment you are living in. Be fully present.

  • Make time for personal reflection, caring for yourself both mind and body, and define your personal values. Spend time alone doing yoga, walking in nature or meditation

  • Actively care for the welfare of others, especially in this time of COVID, hone in on your values and beliefs and make the effort to help anyone around you. Volunteer where you can.

  • Always behave in a way that aligns to your core values and beliefs.

  • Ponder the meaning of life for yourself and be tolerant of the beliefs of others then to close our minds and become intolerant

  • Listen to your heart and live by your principles

  • Allow yourself and those around you the freedom to be who they are

  • See challenges life give you as an opportunity to grow

  • If you are religious, find faith in your community and participate using the COVID protocols in place

Emotional wellness recognizes:

  • It is better to be aware of and accept our feelings then deny them

  • It is better to be optimistic in our approach to life than pessimistic


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