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Time to Reflect

This morning I had to wait until 5:55 am to start my walk as the days are getting shorter and that sucks, LOL. My thought were on two friends and my walk was heavy. Firstly about my friend Deb who passed away on Monday after a hard fight with ALS. What saddens me is we had coffee three years ago and promised to keep having them every few months, but then life happens and I never got to know she was sick or be with her in her time of need. She had helped me so much when I was first hired at TELUS and was always a ray of sunshine. I pray she is now at peace at her daughters Stephanie’s side.

Secondly my friend today was in court fighting for her right to uphold her restraining order against her husband that she is divorcing. I pray she continues to be safe and he stays a from her.

I reflect on my life and I am extremely lucky to have the support system I have. I‘m beyond blessed and lovin life. Be well everyone.

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