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Walking Saved my Life.....

What a powerful statement but so true. For those that have followed my journey you know when I started I was in the most pain I had been in years. Walking five minutes was enough to put my pain at a level ten. I was unhealthy due to chronic back problems and only until I was told if I had another surgery I’d probably be paralyzed did I decide to make a lifestyle change. And my wellness journey started to take shape. Those first few weeks were the hardest of my life. Pushing myself to go a little further was agony. But all I kept thinking is I can’t live like this, I have my kids and grandkids to think about, and I had a momma that was needing me more and more.

So I kept pushing through the pain. Week after week I walked a little further and amazingly the pains started to ease. By the time the first TELUS Wellness challenge was on I was walking longer distances. Therefore I challenged myself to walk 20k steps per day for the challenge. It meant going out three times per day and that is what I did. But I tell you it was NOT easy. By the second week I was ready to give up. Muscles I didn’t even know I had were hurting bad. But again I pushed through it. By the time the challenge was done I was done. Exhausted but so proud that I got through it.

I quickly realized that being in the outdoors in the sun, rain, wind or snow was where I needed to be to continue my overall wellness. All I had to do was to ensure I geared up for the weather. Once I bought the right gear then walking in all types of conditions was no longer a problem. My body and mind craved being out there and exploring what life had to offer. I’ve never used a headset to listen to music or anything else. I go out with only one thing in mind, completely detox from whatever life was throwing at me. And with that attitude walking gave me a different perspective on life. It gave me the breadth to explore body, mind and soul.

As I got better at walking I started to hike. Of course the first few were simple hikes but boy did I use muscles I hadn’t used, therefore I had to keep pushing myself through them. I’ve gone out with Gianni, the kids and my grandsons and we’ve enjoyed exploring the beauty of the locations. Mostly I’ve enjoyed walking my hikes with Brody, Blake and Weston. I say walking because when I hike with these three it is about watching our surroundings in their eyes. They are always veering off the trails to explore what is on the other side. And that has given me life like I have never had before. Taking time to truly enjoy every moment.

So when I say walking saved my life, it actually gave me my life back! I so look forward to this spring/summer/fall so I can continue to keep walking and exploring. Be well everyone and find what gives you your life back. Even if you have to push yourself, believe me you will never regret it. Here are some photos of me enjoying my walks.

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