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When to follow your heart

Daily Journal August 10 - After that long hike 12.3 k hike yesterday this morning had me contemplating not going for my morning walk. Got up at 5:30 am and it was still dark out. Opened the blinds, turned on the coffee maker, got changed and washed up and then sat down in the recliner because my body ached every where. I also had a nagging headache. By 6 am, I put on my shoes and jacket but paced my foyer as I still didn't have enough energy to go. My body was telling me you are too sore, my mind was telling me go sit in the chair and see if you can sleep a little more but my heart was telling me it's good for you to get fresh air. So I followed my heart. And after 45 minute walk I'm sitting having my coffee, writing in my blog and ready for my day.

Be well everyone!

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