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Celebrating Because We Finally Can!

When we knew I was retiring Gianni asked what I wanted to do and it was simple, out for dinner with the kids and back home to play cards and FaceTime Crystal. And on the Friday of my retirement that is exactly what we did and it was a perfect night after a very emotional week.

What I didn’t know when I answered Gianni, was that Bonnie Henry would open up parting outside of our homes. Well when she did I decided I wanted a party, and not a retirement party, but a real party so we could have the human connections we have missed for two years.

I took out my phone and started reaching out to my contacts that could make this happen in a week. The idea was for me to do as little as possible so these are who I knew would help:

  • My brother Vince for Roma Hall and catering – Check!

  • Richard for Blue Tarp Blues Band – Check!

  • Mary for SittinSweets Custom Cakes – Check!

  • Franco for liquor permit – Check!

  • Frank for liability Insurance – Check!

  • Gianni to buy and deliver alcohol – Check!

  • European Bakery for pastries – Check!

  • Superstore for candies (lots of candies) – Check!

  • My sister-in-law Lianne for decorations – Check!

  • Sent out invites

Knowing all I had to do was have the Visa ready (more air miles = more travel – Yeah!) made this painless. This was an “I don’t give an EFF on how much it costs” party. It was about being able to see people without masks, hug them, and enjoy a meal and drink with them. Of course we did all have to vaccine passports which gave us peace of mind that everyone in the hall was protected.

I got to the hall a little early and got to watch Richard & John who also retired from TELUS and the rest of the band set up. It was so nice to hear live music. Soon after people started to arrive and the hugs and smiles just warmed my heart. Family and friends made my evening special by being there to celebrate my special event. I got to see TELUS peers that I hadn’t seen for years. Some that had already retired but made the effort to come, some that worked for me or I worked for but all that have carved memories in my heart that I will cherish forever.

Working for TELUS 26 years has been an honour. It gave Gianni and me an amazing career, and is giving Angela and Steven one as well. It’s something that I hope the next generation understands that loyalty does go a long way. It isn’t about the paycheck, it’s about the connections you make at work, it’s about the pride you take in doing what you do, it’s about working with amazing people to lift each other up and be the best you can. It’s about a work family that you will hold in your heart forever.

This party was about having a party because we can. It was about making cherished memories because we can. It IS about living life well always because we can.

I didn’t give an EFF about the cost because this night was PRICELESS!

Only regret is that I didn't take a whole bunch more pictures....but here are some of our beautiful night.


Mar 07, 2022

A great evening- so glad to be included. Everyone outdid themselves!!

Maria Scuor
Maria Scuor
Mar 07, 2022
Replying to

Thank you both for coming and making it special ❤️

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