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COVID is it my turn…..

Updated: Jan 1

First day off of work and the sniffles I’ve had for a few days become a full on runny nose. Next day Gianni is all stuffed up and we both have a headache. We take some Tylenol and Dayquil. Not a way to start my time off but I decide I won’t let it take me down. So I pull up my socks and start with checking off my list. Yes, I have a list and checking it more than twice keeps me on track.

At the same time Omicron variant of COVID is ramping up all over the world and because we are sick decide to cancel our friends brunch. Even though I’m not feeling well, I do my rounds and drop off all the goodies to our friends, masked and hanging out at the door. Whatever I have I’m not giving to anyone else. Meanwhile Gianni is on the coach as he has got a stronger version of what I have.

Omicron keeps taking the world and Canada is asking people not to travel and more bans get imposed. Lucky we are still able to have ten other people that are vaccinated in our home for Christmas. But five days into being sick I decide I need to take my first COVID test. Knowing how I was feeling, this couldn’t possibly be COVID, but my doctor wanted me to get tested to make sure. Because I’m immune compromised he wants to ensure if I do have it we take the right precautions. So I book an appointment for the next morning.

When I get to the testing center, I can’t believe how many cars there are. It took 20 minutes to get to the check point, only to be told there are no spots and parking available. Therefore I was to follow the instructions to collect the sample and fill out the form. But I would have to leave the area. Since I was only two minutes from home, I went home and collected the sample and filled out the paper work. I decided to walk to the clinic because there was no way I would wait for the fifty or more cars that keep the queue.

During my walk reality hits…..It’s -3 degrees out and I’m chilled to the bone, but what has chilled me more is knowing I may once again not be able to spend Christmas with my family. Why does this keep happening, why can’t in this day and age we take control of this pandemic? I drop off my sample and even though I’m cold I decide to keep walking, and hoping to bring on a new perspective into my heart, which at this point is ice and full of doubt.

As I walk I take in the sights and take in deep breaths to help clear my mind. I was astounded by the beautiful purple ball versus the red Christmas holly. When did we get purple balls? And the fig tree with part of it adorned with blue ornaments, and the puddle that had become a beautiful ice picture. As I snap these picture and look at nature and what it has brought me, I realize I need to be my true self and keep motoring on. Keep the hope that we will have a family Christmas Eve and Christmas morning that we can connect with our littlest one via our wonderful technology and have our Christmas gift opening together even though miles apart.

I get home and had to opt out to bring the gifts to the Adoptive family TELUS supported but was so proud that we filled up two vehicles with gifts that made a huge difference to a family that had fallen on hard times. I am so proud of Angela and Steven for spearheading this for the sixth year. It truly warms our family’s heart.

I continue to get baking done as well as another batch of squaratella. I then start tackling the remainder of the gift wrapping and get the boxes of Christmas baking ready for pick up. It was wonderful how everyone was able to come by and pick up. Allowed me to stay at a distance to ensure they didn’t get what I got. But not going to lie, I kept looking at my phone and waiting for the text telling me yeah or nay to Christmas.

I kept watching Christmas movies and going to bed early to ensure I got a great sleep. 24 hours go by and still nothing, but I keep motoring….cutting up veggies and boiling them ready for Christmas Eve, pounding turkey breasts and stuffing them so they are ready to be bacon wrapped and cooked. Try out a new recipe that I hope will be a hit Christmas morning with the kids….boy was this one a challenge, but after a few tries, I think they will be awed. Always checking my phone for that text. Well finally at 1:04 pm on December 23 I see the funky text number come up with Automated Message from BC Centre for Control…..MY HEART hurts….

I wait to read it and come to terms what this might mean and either way I’m ready, but my heart says HOPE is on my side. And yes it was…NEGATIVE for once has been the most positive word I seen. I just stayed true to myself and kept the faith and let the universe take the wheel and now I’m ready for Christmas Eve to come. And to boot, it may be a WHITE CHRISTMAS after all. Mindful moments come in all shapes and sizes. This one renewed my faith in HOPE and FAITH.

Negative the positive word

Live Life Well ALWAYS And Merry Christmas to all….My heart is with you all

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