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Nadine & Beniamino 40th Anniversary

When Beniamino told us they were celebrating their 40th Anniversary on June 11 with a party, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to celebrate with them in Belgium. We had an incredible weekend of family, fun, food, festivities and of course drink!

The celebration was set at the beautiful Restaurant de Mangerie in Maasmechelen. The incredible mansion transformed into French cuisine restaurant is was the perfect backdrop for any event. The garden property surrounding the restaurant is a place to spread your legs in between courses.

Here are some photos of the beautiful mansion and it's property:

When they told me lunch would be from noon to 6 pm, I couldn't imagine why a lunch would take so long. Well owners Erik and Isy Vanhunsel-Hermans truly made it culinary experience that not only touched the palates but allowed us to rest in-between courses so that we could truly enjoy the food we were eating.

Here is the six course meal, sherbet and desserts we had the honour of eating was not only plated beautifully but tasted amazing. Each had unique flavours that worked well with what we were eating. There are a few photos I had to take two photos so you can see the whole meal.

If you think the sherbet was just what you saw in the glass above, think again. Prosecco was poured into the lemon sherbet and transformed this palate cleanser into a drinkable chilly delight.

Here is a video of the sherbet how it was served:

We had an amazing day celebrating Nadine and Beniamino's 40th Anniversary and here are some photos of the beautiful couple:

Here are photos of friends and family having an incredible weekend

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