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#GetReal Mental Health Week May 2 - May 8

Today starts the 71st annual Mental Health week in Canada which launched across our nation in 1951. In 1918 the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) was founded. It was later federally incorporated in 1926 as a national charitable organization to further growth of mental health services across Canada. World War II delayed progress in the mental health field but created demand for treatment services. It was recognized that early treatment was critical.

In 1948, grants were given to the provinces to assist in developing facilities for the mentally ill. In the 1960’s psychiatric theory and new medical breakthroughs meant shorter says in hospital. A report titled “More for the Mind” stated mental illness should be dealt with the same framework of physical illness and by the end of the 60’s a program was fully implemented and public and professional education of mental health was under way.

In the later years it was about ensuring there was adequate care and programs for prevention of mental disease and deficiency.

Today the CMHA is one of the oldest continuing voluntary health organizations in Canada and it has become so important to understand what mental health is and how we can support anyone around us or ourselves to ensure well-being. This year the focus is all about “Empathy” and the hashtag is #GetReal

There is so much information on this topic on the web but on the CMHA website you can find the following resources to support you or a loved one tackle mental health issues:

As well the National Alliance on Mental Illness has a great article on understanding mental health condition is real and not a personal weakness. Read their article on 7 Things to Remember about Mental Illness. It has never been so important to be educated on Mental Wellness. So many things in our world and environment can trigger what I call our "Mentals". Therefore take the time to get informed and use any support system that will help to get you through the darkness.

Know I'm here to support, just if you need a listening ear! Live Life Well Everyone!


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