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Slowing down - the Italian way

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Having been in Stresa, Italy the past four weeks we have been literally forced to slow down because life is so much different than Canada. I’m going to put it into perspective for those of you that have never stayed or tried to do business in Italy.

  • It takes 7 to 10 days to buy a car – in Canada hours

  • It takes 6 + months to buy a house – in Canada a couple of weeks if need be

  • To speak to any government agency, we have to call for an appointment between 8 – 10 am and hopefully we get an appointment within two weeks as they only meet face-to-face in the afternoons – in Canada you don’t need an appointment

  • Most retail stores start work at 9am, take 2 hour break for lunch and then work until 6 or 7 pm . Therefore if you are in a town that isn't touristic, you can't get anything done during lunch

  • Stores are closed Sundays and Mondays, only grocery stores are open

Therefore, this forced slow down is so appealing because we have now learned that patience is everything in life and that you don’t have to go go go go go to have what you need. “NEED” is the key. Here they don’t seem to need as much as what we need to have at home. So today’s mindful moment is sharing with you all that it is time to slow down.

Don’t wait like I did for retirement, slow down now when you are young enough to enjoy what life is really about – the riches family and life gives you. Enjoying making the memories and cherishing them when you reflect on them. Truly living life well instead of living life in the hustle and bustle just to make the next dollar, or chasing the next promotion.

My life in Italy is so much more relaxed. I get up at 7am and have an hour walk just enjoying what the morning brings, I pick up a couple brioche at the bakery and then have coffee with Gianni. Some days we do laundry, other days we go shopping, but nothing is pressing. Much of my time is spent expanding my brain and learning things for my blog, or creating recipes on paper and then trialing them in my tiny kitchen. In the evening we take another walk, watch TV and go to bed by ten.

If I look back a life, I don’t regret any of it because it is truly wonderful. But I would have told my younger self to slow down a bit. I hope one day soon my kids will also slow down so they can enjoy what life is all about. Years just fly and maybe, just maybe if we slow down, year may too. Cheers to living life well always!

Here are some photos and a video I took on my morning walk and reflected on this mindful moment:

Slowing down - Italian Style

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