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Stresa 8am Wake Up Call

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

I have my morning walk around 6:45 am when it is already bright out in Stresa but the sidewalks are bare as everyone is still asleep. Retail stores don't open until 9 - 9:30 am and bakeries around 7:30 am and bars where you can get your coffee, usually at 8am. Therefore I time my walks just right so I can go to the bakery and pick up a brioche after my one hour walk.

Today I decided to stop and sit across from the local Catholic church "Chiesa Santi Ambrogio e Theodolo" built in 1790, so I could video the 8 am bells that wake up the town. Most towns have the bells bong once for each hour of the clock and usually starting at 7 am until 9 pm. In Stresa the first time we hear the bells is at 8 am but it isn't a bong, it is a repeated hymn of a song which is absolutely beautiful. Because I'm across the road you really don't hear it as well as you would when inside the town but I wanted you to get the just of what these bells sound like and the video does do that.

When you walk into the church there is a sign that states "this is a house of prayer, therefore be quiet and respectful, remember Jesus is waiting for you, please no photos". Therefore I've taken several outdoor photos and only two photo's inside, when on Mother's day I lite two candles for our moms. Here are the photo's as well as the video.

Video of 8 am bells in Stresa

At noon there is five minutes of bells ringing too and here is video of bells actually ringing


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