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Taking Trains in Italy - Milano

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Instead of driving to Milano we decided to take the train from Stresa to Milano. It was the fast train with no stops in-between and we got to Milano Centrale in 50 minutes.

Trains in Italy are nothing what I expected. I thought they would be dirty, full of graffiti and crowded and unsafe. Pleasant surprise that our experience so far has been nothing like that. They are well kept, people are friendly, the bathrooms are very clean and you don't see any graffiti anywhere. Purchasing tickets was simple with the train app. Tip: If you can't make the train you purchased for, you have leeway of three hours before or after the ticket you purchased. So don't fret if you can't make the train you bought the ticket for.

We also took the metro from Milano Centrale to Il Duomo (Cathedral) and it was a very easy experience as well as the metro is just outside the train station, below the city. Tickets are easily purchased at the kiosks at the station and I suggest you buy the day ticket so you can easily travel all over with one ticket.

Here is a video of our travel on train and metro and the unbelievable experience of walking out of the metro into Piazza Duomo that has the beauty of the Cathedral come into view as you come up the stairs. Breathtaking

Stairs up from Metro to Duomo

Here are the photos of our journey on the train and metro to Il Duomo

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