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Talking to my shadow....

It’s been a while since I walked in the early morning as I’ve been doing most of my morning walks inside because my back has been very sore. Today I decided to go for a walk as the weather was stunning. I couldn’t do my power walking but I did take in all the beauty the day was unfolding.

I was more focused on everything around me and for some reason today I noticed my shadow was slightly in front of me to my right side. I don’t think I’ve ever focused on my shadow before and was pretty surprised to see her there. Well as we walked, side by side, I talked to my shadow for the first time. Sucks that she didn’t talk back!

I contemplated life with her. Told her my deepest thoughts and slowly I felt a release like no other. She was listening to me, she was understanding what I was going through, she didn’t judge me and mostly she stayed by my side long enough for me to let go of everything that was troubling me. Yes pretty crazy to talk to your shadow, but today’s mindful moment was that it doesn’t matter who we talk to, it is the release of what we are going through that helps our mental well-being.

Life can be difficult and sometimes it hurts to our core but finding a way to release that hurt is the most important gift we can give ourselves. My door is always open to anyone struggling to be heard. I’m here to just listen when that is all you need. I’m here because I know wellness can only be achieved when we support each other. I give you permission to reach out anytime, and if you are walking and you see your shadow at your side, show it the respect it deserves because it truly is a reflection of yourself.

Be well everyone!

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