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Treasure the Moments

What a year 2020 has been! Social distancing, cleaning our hands, wearing masks, fights over toilet paper, no Lysol wipes and staying in your social bubble has become our norm. We’ve been in our family bubble for months where we are all cautious of where we go and who we have contact with. On a few occasions we get together with six of our friends but ensure social distancing.

This weekend we spent the weekend with our friends Andre and Mel at the cabin. Each of us have been vigilant on keeping safe against COVID. On Friday we enjoyed some great food and played crib. On Saturday morning I got everyone up at 8 am for a hike at Lightning Lake in Manning Park. Andre wasn’t happy he had to get up so early on a weekend but I promised it would be worth the trek. Mel and I walked at a good clip and Andre and Gian followed behind at a slower pace.

It had been a while since I’ve had opportunity to talk to a friend about anything and I was enjoying a beautiful walk just chatting with my pal. At one point I stopped and took it all in. The scenery was incredible where the mountains and clouds were reflecting in the lake and I had my longtime friend by my side just following me because she wanted to be with me. Hiking isn’t something she and Andre do but because I asked they followed. That is true friendship and a moment to remember. Later that day Dennis and Lorraine stopped by as well and we were spoiled with an amazing dinner cooked by Andre and Mel. Two mindful moments in one day. We are blessed! Enjoy every moment.....

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