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When heat gets too hot to handle…..

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

In the Vancouver lower mainland or Island our weather has been progressively getting warmer in the summer but this year the records have been broken in almost all cities and towns in BC. The interior of BC usually gets hot but again not this hot. In Lytton BC, they had record breaking 47.9 degrees Celsius yesterday and 47 degrees today. That even broke Las Vegas all-time high record of 47.2 degrees. Converted to Fahrenheit that is close to 118 degrees. Absolutely incredible for June!

As I walk around the garden and feel unbelievably sad that my plants, even though I'm watering them, are being fried by the sun. What gets me sadder though is what are the people who are not lucky enough to have reprieve from the heat doing to stay protected?

This heat wave has to be way too hot for anyone living on the streets or even in a home where there is no air conditioning. Thankfully the dial on the heat is slowly turning down and we can start feeling a little more comfortable outside. My hope is if we see anyone struggling, let's help where we can. If we know seniors that live in the neighbourhood, check in on them. A little humanity can go a long way in making someone's life easier.

As for my plants, they are fried and I will have to take the weekend cleaning all the deadness away but I'm sure when the rain comes back, like it always does, they will rejuvenate. Meanwhile some flowers are enduring through and remind us that nature is ever powerful and we are only the piece that gets to enjoy what it has to offer. Be well everyone!

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