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When you have HOPE....

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

For all of those that know me know that HOPE is my word. My philosophy is when you have hope you have everything. These past three weeks working on answering calls for the COVID hotline to book our seniors vaccination appointments I got to see what hope really means. The heartwarming stories I can share are many but I’d like to share two that captured my heart and soul.

On the second day of ever being on a queue, I took a call from a woman booking an appointment for her mom, we chatted while I found her the earliest appointment and once we were done she asked “do you mind if I ask you a personal question?” Of course I answered. She asked “how long have you been working as an agent?” I told her I had 12 hours under my belt. She then asked “then it is true that TELUS brought in team members to quickly jump on the queue?” I told her yes, we were brought in to help our most vulnerable. What she said next absolutely took my breath away. She said I thought I would never say this about a company but “TELUS quickly turned it around and put humanity above everything else and you should be very proud to work for a company like that!” She continued to say she would be telling everyone that would listen that TELUS is the most humane company she has ever seen, because we are putting hope back into everyone’s lives. I got off that call and had to put myself on break. I cried for the people that had died, I cried for the people that are sick and I cried that I’m making a difference in so many people’s lives by giving them hope to get passed this horrible virus.

On another call I had an elderly man of 86 who was booking vaccines for him and his wife. This was a week into my handling calls and we at TELUS had now become great at dealing with our elderly. He was slow to provide me the info but we managed to get through it. At the end he said, well that was painless and then he burst into tears and I was left awe struck. I asked if he was OK, and he said these are happy tears. You have just given me the best gift, I can get my wife vaccinated and I won’t lose her. I can’t live without her so this will help keep her alive. I too started to cry and told him I’m so excited for the both of them to continue their life together and wished them well. Before he hung up he said, that is a weight off. Thank you for doing what you do. You truly are an angel sent from above.

Both these stories are about hope and humanity. We can do so much if we help each other in any way possible. For ten days my back has been in unbelievable pain from sitting at a computer for hours on end without moving, but when I reflect on all the happy conversations, being told thank you or God bless you, somehow I keep going for more. I’ve learned that I have to take more breaks and get up a lot more and I can keep helping and hopefully get rid of COVID once and for all.

Today as I launch this new and improved website, I can't wait for 5:30 pm....Today after a year of mom being placed in a home during COVID, I get to physically see and hold her. That hug will give me HOPE that maybe she might get out of the cloud she is in. HOPE that maybe she will know who we are, and HOPE that in God's hands she is in a safe place.

To all that are helping in your own way, thank you for putting hope in everyone’s lives and being the angel sent from above, because when we have HOPE we have everything. Be well!

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