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A motto to live by….

A white Christmas, we haven’t had one in 13 years and true to this year’s form we are going to set a cold weather record. Heat waves, atmospheric rivers, snow and severe cold, I can honestly say we have had our fair share. But not going to lie, walking in the snow on Christmas morning was priceless.

Here is a message to all of you and some beautiful snowcapped photos of my walk:

When I got home I settled into my recliner with a hot cappuccino and Gianni and I watched our favourite movie for Christmas day “It’s a Wonderful Life”. And the most epic saying that you hear kids say all the time came out of this movie:

As I watched the movie I reflected on the past year. COVID, well what can I say that I haven’t already. It’s a pain in my butt! But such is life. It gives us challenges that turn into learnings and cherished memories. Mom’s passing was tough but what I learned her last few weeks put my heart in a place of love and peace as well as realization that mental health is something that has to be taken serious. Greg’s passing tested my faith like no other. How can a young man in his prime with a wife, two little ones and many that loved him just be gone? It’s all in God’s purpose, he needed this angel close to him more than we needed him on earth. That led to me writing “Grateful for the moon, stars and my angels”.

Health, well this year was a tough one for me. I had to stop hiking moderate hikes because my back has been so bad. Luckily I had some injections and found some pills that have helped with some of the pain, but at that cost of my kidneys. So now I start the New Year with trying to figure out what is going on with them. Also had a COVID scare when I had to get tested just before Christmas but thankfully my faith got me through that.

There have been many things in between all of this that have made me stronger and probably could write a book but what I’ve realized more than ever is that family, good friends and life itself is the one thing that is consistent. We had a wonderful Christmas Eve with just a small crew.

Dinner table funnies

Then Christmas morning was such a hit. Of course Jameson took the show when he got this Baby Yoda.

Technology allowed us to open presents up with Crystal and Chris who are on their adventure in Italy. We got to be in a room together even if we weren’t. What a miracle technology is.

And finally to the reason of this mindful moment. I’ve come to realize more than ever that life is priceless therefore this year I had this ornament made and gave out to everyone to remind us to LIVE LIFE WELL ALWAYS…because we only have one, and believe me it is worth living with all its trials and tribulations.


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