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Adventure Awaits....

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Tomorrow Gianni and I get to spend a couple of months in a small lakeside town we fell in love with when we scoped the region for the right spot to call home base for when we spend time in Italy. Stresa is absolutely beautiful and what makes it even more special is Crystal and Chris live 20 minutes away. Here are some scenery photo's of our trip in 2015.

My intentions is to share with you blogs about:

  1. Our adventure exploring the beautiful sites of Italy and possibly Switzerland and Belgium

  2. Creating recipes focused on what I find available in the market. This will truly be cooking the Italian way and in a rental apartment I will have to make do with the tools I have available to me. This will be fun!

  3. As I have moments that make me go AHA, then a mindful moment will come your way

  4. I will make sure I learn about something new about wellness every week ad post it. As well as share special or fun holiday posts.

Follow and please share my journey with whomever would like to learn about everything wellness. If I've learned anything the past few years it is that our body, mind and soul have to be one and I absolutely love sharing my journey on how to achieve that.

But for now I thought I’d share a video of where we will call home.

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