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Chronicles of my Medicinal Weed/Cannabis/Marijuana Journey

Two weeks after starting my weed journey – I don’t know why I was so afraid…..

For over ten years my doctor has been wanting me to try medical marijuana for my chronic pain but morally and ethically I couldn’t do it. Why you ask? Especially if my doctor is advocating it! Well I’ve always worked in a role where I needed to have my full capacities to handle both customer and employee issues. Therefore the thought about losing my brain at any level just didn’t allow me to even try it.

For the past eight months my back and all my joints have been extremely painful due to bad arthritis and the doctor put me on medication that I had to take monthly blood tests. He was watching for signs of kidney issues. Four months into the medication I was feeling better but my kidney function levels were being impacted. By the sixth month the blood showed signs of the kidneys failing but thankfully the ultrasound showed there was no physical impact. However, my doctor called me into the office because the ultrasound showed my liver was being impacted.

He TOLD me I had a choice to make….live with chronic pain or try the medicinal cannabis because he wouldn’t give me any further prescriptions for pain medication. So I agreed to try medicinal cannabis with supervision. He sent the requisition in to a chronic pain specialist that specializes in cannabis rehabilitation and a week later I was in listening to what they had to say.

I brought Steven with me to the appointment as I didn’t want to go alone and hopefully he would know what questions to ask. Once there we went through my medical history and they asked what I was trying to achieve. My goal is to be able to sleep more than two hours straight and to have pain relief. After going through the options it was decided I try the oil version of cannabis with equal balance of CBD and THC.

By taking the oil form I’m able to regulate by taking in 0.1 ml increments gradually increasing to the point that results in most benefits with fewest side effects. What does that all mean?? At this point I’m ready to head out the door and not look back! Instead, Steven asks the question about the side effects and what does this all mean. She explains I would take this about 1 to 2 hours before going to bed, when I don’t have any decisions to make or have to drive. Once I get to the right dosage, I should be able to fall asleep by feeling like I’m in lala land. OK that means to me no brain cells left!

She does go on to explain that by trying 0.1 ml there probably won’t be any effects and by slowing adding 0.1 ml I should be able to see the difference from the day before. Once I get to the point that I’m feeling the effects of wanting to sleep then I should be good to carry on with that dose until I find it doesn’t work. She continues to tell me many have been afraid but once they have tried it they are feeling much better.

OK so now I agree to get put on a year’s study where I have to register for a fully regulated program. I would have to get the prescriptions approved by the specialist and then I can order them through a regulated distributer…or my drug dealer….I get home and I register.

After two days, I get the email “your prescription is ready to be purchased”. Very simple process of clicking a few boxes and my weed is on its way. Three days later Canada Post delivers my goods. Well what do I do? I put the package (without opening it) on the highest shelf in the laundry room. Out of site out of mind! Nope not ready for this….

Three weeks later and the box is still untouched. Steven comes over and opens the package and tries to get me to try it but nope can’t do it. Knowing I’m working there is no way I would ever try it. But there was a start date… Friday the 25th I retired, and “D” day was Sunday the 27th.

Two weeks after starting my whatever we call it: weed, cannabis or marijuana adventure I’m coming to you with a blog about how it is going. A whole new journey that hopefully will help me with sleep and pain but most of all blogging about it hopefully will help others try it or if you have been on it share your stories for others to hear about your experience. Sunday February 27, 2022 marks the first time I ever try something that has been taboo to me all my life and here is a video of it.

After two weeks….So far, I’ve learned I “HATE” the smell and taste of weed! It smells and I’m assuming tastes like skunk and it is horrible. The oil is thick and coats your mouth even though I cut it with juice. It even stinks up your hand if you touch it. Disgusting!

I’ve slowly went from 0.1 ml to 0.5 ml of weed and below is how I reacted each day I took it. I have a bad stomach and react to smells horribly therefore the smell and taste of the oil is absolutely disgusting to me and I struggle with it every time I have to take it.

What I did find is my sleep has been better. The past few years I’d go to bed and within an hour I’d have to go pee and then get up another three or four times during the night. Each time my brain wouldn’t settle down and sleep was impossible. Having taken the weed, I find my mind is groggy when I get up to go pee and therefore when I go back to bed, I quickly fall asleep. I’m feeling more rested when I get up in the morning and that is awesome.

As for pain, after two weeks there has been no pain relief yet. But the doctor did say that the CBD may take up to a month to start healing the joints….LOL joints….

Join my website and share your stories for others to see how this works….It’s about learning from each other in a non-judgmental way and hopefully finding a way to live life well always!

Chronicles of the weed journey:

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