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Donut Cake - WOW

Serves: 24

My grandson wanted a donut cake for his birthday but because it was his champagne birthday, he got a champagne hockey stick cake. Therefore, I made this cake for Easter dessert to surprise him. Very simple to make and honestly it “Wowed” him and everyone else.

I used a stand mixer for this and my Salted Caramel Sauce Recipe.


1 ½ block of full fat cream cheese

2 cups sifted icing sugar

1 tbsp vanilla

1tsp salt

1 litre whip cream

30 donuts

Salted caramel sauce

Sprinkles and decorations as you like


  1. Chill mixing bowl and whisk attachment in freezer for ½ hour

  2. Get all ingredients prepped so you are ready to mix everything together

  3. Add cream cheese to chilled bowl and mix on medium until cheese is smooth

  4. Pour in ½ cup of sugar and keep mixing until well blended. Keep adding ½ a cup at a time until all the sugar is incorporated into the cream cheese

  5. Pour in vanilla and salt and mix well

  6. Turn mixer on medium high and gradually pour in whip cream towards the side of the bowl, this will stop it from spattering

  7. Once cream has all been poured in, watch closely for the whip cream to take shape. You don’t want to over mix as it will become soupy and you won’t be able to fix that

  8. Turn off the mixer and do a quick whisk test by dunking the whisk attachment into the frosting and flipping it upside down. The frosting should keep a nice peak form. If it doesn’t, continue to mix in 30 second intervals until you have the right consistency

  9. Spread a thin layer of frosting on cake plate (I used a rectangular plate because of the decoration I will use) and place one donut in the center

  10. Place five donuts around it then top with ¾ cup frosting

  11. Repeat this process of six donuts for second layer

  12. Cut donuts into quarters and fill in any gaps between the whole donuts using a little frosting to bind it

  13. For third and fourth layer we will use four donuts for each layer so it will create a pyramid. In between each layer spread ¾ cup frosting

  14. For the fifth layer, use three donuts to for a triangle shape and add ¼ cup frosting just in the center

  15. For the sixth and final layer place a single donut on top

  16. At this point you can cover the cake with saran wrap until you are ready to serve

  17. When ready to serve remove the saran wrap and pour salted caramel sauce all over the donuts. Instead of caramel you could use chocolate sauce, but I love the sweet and salty of this whole dessert and the rum caramel sauce just takes it to the next level

  18. Decorate wish sprinkles or any other items you want to prick into the donuts


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