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Great night sleep – without weed!

I’ve been taking medicinal marijuana for sleeping and pain the last three weeks and it has helped me get a little better sleep but the pain relieve hasn’t been noticeable. I’ve gotten to 0.5 ml and I struggle every time I have to put it near my nose and mouth because I can’t stand the smell and taste. It can be that cutting it with juice isn’t giving me the whole effect so I will purchase pills and see how that works.

So how did I get a great night’s sleep? Well for the first time in 30 months we got to travel outside of home. Something that due to COVID and atmospheric rivers have stopped us from doing. So many trips cancelled that the night before leaving for Palm Springs I couldn’t help but worry this trip would be cancelled too.

Up at 2:56 am because I couldn’t sleep, I got my power walk in and then watched TV until we were ready to drive to Bellingham. Steven and the family showed up at 5:45 am and we convoyed and crossed the board with no issue. We were in the USA! Wow what a rush!

A quick breakfast at IHOP and then we took our flight to Palm Springs with no issues. Even the boys were amazing throughout the flight. A little hiccup waiting for our rental car but once we got it, we were on our way to Indio where we dropped off our baggage and went shopping.

Costco and Walmart are our favourite places to shop and they didn’t disappoint. With the car literarily fully loaded we made our way back to the house. Just enough time for Gianni and Steven to unload and go to pick up Enzo and Lianne from the airport.

In the meantime, Sarah and I put everything away and started on dinner. What a world wind of day. Exhaustion was setting in but I continued to motor on. We had an amazing dinner and sat around and just chatted. I couldn’t believe I was here….

At 9:30 pm, while everyone was enjoying drinks, TV and chatting, I couldn’t keep my eyes open and said goodnight. Whether it was the exhaustion or finally being at peace in body, mind and soul, I fell asleep even though there was loud chatter and laughter lingering into my room. Congratulations Enzo and Lianne on your new home away from home in Palm Springs. It truly is a paradise and we are so blessed we can share it with you.

Getting my walk in and waking up to this beautiful day

Here are some photos of paradise.


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