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How to Make Gnocchi

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

Serving size 8 – about 280 calories per serving without sauce

Gnocchi are not as hard as you think. We made this recipe at a cooking school in Tuscany Italy. However her recipe didn’t have salt in it and found the gnocchi a little bland. Therefore I’ve added salt to give a little bit more flavor. The first time Gianni and I made these when we got home we made them for our extended family of 15. We enjoyed actually making them together and were excited for the family to taste them. Big mistake was we put all the gnocchi to cook in one big pot. They didn’t have room to raise up and they clumped together. So wasn’t a good experience. Therefore lesson learned – cook in separate post or batches.


1200 grams of russet potatoes

2 eggs – scrambled

1 tbsp salt

250 grams of flour

Pot(s) of salted and tbsp oil boiling water



  1. Wash potato skins very well and dry them

  2. With the skin on; prick each potato three times with a fork on two sides

  3. Microwave potatoes on high for ten minutes. The skins will allow the potato to steam cook but having pricked them the potato with not explode. Making them this way the potato will not absorb any liquid such as when you boil them. This means the gnocchi will require less flour and will make a fluffier gnocchi

  4. At ten minutes check if the potato is cooked by piercing it with a fork and looking for the fork to easily go through. Take out the potatoes that are cooked and if some potatoes are not done keep microwaving a minute at a time until all potatoes are cooked.

  5. Cool down the potatoes to warm

  6. Skin the potatoes using a knife

  7. Mash potatoes into a large bowl – I use a ricer which pushes the potato through and makes a great mash

  8. Make a whole in middle of the potatoes and add the scrambled eggs

  9. Mix them well into the mashed potatoes

  10. Add flour a bit at a time until you have a soft, smooth and a little sticky dough. Don’t knead the dough past until flour is fully incorporated. Note: Use only what you need to bring the dough into a ball

  11. Place dough on rolling surface and use 1/8th portion

  12. On floured surface knead each portion and form a long roll about ½ inch thick.

  13. Cut the roll into 1 inch squares

  14. Using a wooden gnocchi board (or back of a fork) place thumb on gnocchi and gently roll down the board in order to form the indentation

  15. Place gnocchi on a floured baking sheet

  16. To freeze the gnocchi for a later date put baking sheet in the freezer for three hours. Once frozen place them in an air tight container with each layer separated by a piece of wax paper. These can be frozen for three months

  17. This is a large quantity of gnocchi and if you were to make them all at once I would use two large pots to boil them. Bring salted water to a fast boil and place either fresh or frozen gnocchi in the pots.

  18. Once the gnocchi float to the surface give them a minute or two more

  19. Drain the gnocchi and place in whatever sauce you want

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