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June - Inspire our Men to Live Healthier

Since 1992 when the Men's Health Network has been celebrating Men's Health Month. The need to bring awareness to all health issues men face was the focus then, and remains to be today. It is about enriching men's health and wellness through raising awareness on early detection, prevention of health problems, and providing educational campaigns.

Once again the theme at the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation is “Move for Your Mental Health”. The goal is for men and their families to get a bit more active and informed in June. Learn something new, set a goal, and inspire others to move.

Do we really need a month dedicated to men’s health? Sadly we do because 72% of Canadian men have unhealthy habits. This puts our men at risk for chronic conditions and diseases. Based on Canadian Men's Health Foundation here are some of the biggest risks our Canadian men face:

  • 30% of men's chronic health issues are caused by lifestyle

  • Men are 57% more likely to die from diabetes than women

  • 67% of men are overweight or obese

  • Men are 79% more likely to die from heart attack than women

  • Men are four times more likely to commit suicide than women

Life expectancy in Canada at 2021 is 83.9 years for females and men fall behind at 79.8 years. This disparity should make our men think twice! Thankfully the Canadian Men's Health Foundation has a great HEALTH-CHECK tool that our men can take to see how they rank with their health. It is not meant to replace your doctor but could be the first step in making little changes that lead to big benefits for you and your family. It is 100% confidential and you can even take the test anonymously. At the end of the questionnaire you get immediate feedback on what needs attention. Take the first step!

Canadian men are dying at an alarming rate from chronic illness and yet 70% of men’s health problems are preventable by living healthier. There is a wealth of information for men and their families on the foundations website. They even have an A-Z list of men’s topics and medical conditions which are easy to read. Get educated for yourself or the men in your life. It is so worth it!


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